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Louie Snatcher II

Louie Snatcher II

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The very first ever Hypoallergenic waist trainer!

The safest waist trainer created for all body types and all skin types.
Underbust corset made of Latex and Hypoallergenic moisture wicking material on the inside lining.

  1. High compression for slimming effect

  2. Waist wrap to add compression and will make your garment non-detectable.

  3. Inner layer constructed with cotton fabric

  4. Get a Fabulous waistline for your gym sessions instantly!

  5. Firm hold due to high compression performance fabric with stretch hypoallergenic cotton lining for comfort.

  6. Latex Waist Shapewear come with 25 plus spiral steel bones

  7. It can be worn underneath clothing to smooth out those bulges and curves.

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