Snatch Box

Snatch Box

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•Contains natural high-quality ingredients to support fragile skin and protect elasticity.

• This rich, buttery cream features three types of effective peptides that help to support skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of new and existing stretch marks. Helps to tighten skin from weight loss and or pregnancy. Eliminates stretch marks of any kind

.•Deeply moisturizing with argan, shea butter, cocoa butter and botanical oils to relieve dry or itchy skin

•Features some of my favorite hydrating ingredients so that your skin is never lacking moisture while the stretch marks disappear.

•Added bonus is our cream will help to Eliminate the appearance of stored fat so that your cellulite bumps and lumps can leave giving you a smooth silhouette!!

•Helps to strengthen and reinforce skin as it stretches(pregnancy), so it resists all kind of stretch marks and scars. Incredibly safe for my pregnant mommies. It provides support for weakened skin as it stretches, so that skin can keep a smooth, toned appearance without stretch marks

•Free of parabens, petroleum, phthalates and harmful chemicals

•No irritation, eliminating inflammation and it is free of added and artificial fragrance

•Cruelty free, vegan, and not greasy

•Made in the USA in an FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant facility


Kenya’s Snatch Sauce

THIS is the perfect compliment to your Authentic Weights N Lipstick Active Shaper. Snatch Sauce is a top performing thermogenic gel that heats up any area where it’s applied. Snatch Sauce is designed to help you cook up the perfect body. “Snatch Sauce” is activated by your elevated heart rate and may help the body sweat more during exercise. This topical gel works best during cardio, circuit, and high-intensity interval training. Can also be used while swimming, and in dry or infrared saunas. For optimal results, use it with our Active Shapers. ENHANCE YOUR WORKOUT “Snatch Sauce” works best during cardio, circuit, strength, and HIIT training. Simply apply a thin even layer prior to workout out. SWEAT MORE “Snatch Sauce” is activated by your elevated heart rate. For best results, apply to your problem areas and get moving! GET MORE RESULTS “Snatch Sauce” is great on its own, but we highly recommend combining it with our Active Shapers to get the most from your workouts and fitness lifestyle.